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The Oculus Rift headset prototype

Microsoft might just have their own Xbox VR headset in the works

Not one to let Oculus, Samsung, and Google have all the fun, Microsoft is rumored to be working on their own virtual reality headset. The as-yet-unnamed headset is said to work with the Xbox One console and is reportedly even already in the hands of some Xbox game developers. According to VR...

Here's all the ways you can catch Xbox news from E3 2014

We already know the Xbox E3 2014 event happens on June 9th, but there's much more than that one event happening and you're going to want to stay up to date on it all. Thankfully, the Xbox team has now outlined all their E3 2014 details, events and where you can catch the news as it happens. It's...

Hack the world with Watch Dogs mobile companion game 'ctOS'

Watch Dogs is a great-looking console and PC game that just came out, and alongside it is a companion game that allows mobile players to compete against others live online for free. Anyone on an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC plays as a vigilante bringing justice to a futuristic Chicago by hacking...