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Xerox made an office robot that will bring your prints right to you

Xerox's new robot will shuttle your prints right to your desk
By Derek Kessler on 27 Aug 2014 12:31 pm

It's 2014 and we still use computers to generate physical paper, so Xerox made a robot to help do that. The prototype robot is like a mobile print room: You upload your document to be printed through a special URL at a fixed computer, and the robot starts on its way over to you. Once there, you give the printer the go-ahead to do its printing thing with the touch of a "smart card" (NFC, if we had to guess), and then it prints while you wait.

The printer robot gets around the office with laser-based LIDAR that it uses to build a 3D map of the space. It requires no markers or beacons, and uses the LIDAR to avoid obstacles like those pesky humans that keep demanding it spit out paper. It's not a 3D printer; it just sees in 3D

Speaking of that paper, inside the autonomous robot is a Xerox full color laser printer. So not only does it come up to your side, it's going to give you gloriously fast and detailed prints.

That said, all of this is a prototype that's only seen use in one lounge in one Xerox office in Japan. But it's a sign of the future — we won't need a printer at every desk, and we won't need a dedicated printer room. Just roving printer bots… so long as they don't achieve sentience and print whatever they want.

Source: Nikkei Technology; Via: Gizmodo

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Xerox made an office robot that will bring your prints right to you


It may be the sign of the future, but if they want it to really be USEFUL, it will it should be able to print out the &#$% print out, without lots of authentication hogwash. At work from my office I have to use a printer which doesn't print until you tap through about 6 different choices to get the darn thing. That may give IT managers joy in their little lives, but is a PITA to actual people, who presumably send printouts to a printer to PRINT THEM, and are then intelligent enough to grab their own.

Now if 800 people are sharing one printer in one location, then of course it could get complicated. But if the printer is coming to you anyway, then why still do a complicated authentication? "Oh, I forgot my NFC card, and I can't use my phone at work for NFC, so printouts today. Everybody reschedule the meeting".

PS - sorry for the 'yelling'. Authentication on printers is a particular gripe of mine when I have to print out my patient list, and can't see patients until the printer grudgingly prints it out.

I work in IT and have worked with that before, yea, I agree, a real pain in the a$$ for the users and even more for IT to set it up and make sure it works.

When a company requires security at the highest level, this is what you will get...

This seems like a good concept, and skip the secure passwords, just use a finger print, hold your finger and you get your prints, simple and no passwords or logons to deal with...