Strap a new Pebble smartwatch to your wrist for only $89

By Rich Edmonds on 15 May 2015 09:09 am

Pebble is having a sale today and Saturday where you can grab a shiny new smartwatch for just $89. The company has taken 20 percent off its range of Pebble wearables. It's a perfect time to invest in one should you be on the lookout for a more affordable, yet capable smartwatch.

It's worth noting that the sale only covers the first-gen hardware and not the new Pebble Time wearables. If you'd rather take advantage of what Pebble is bringing to the table next, you'll need to follow their Kickstarters. For this sale, you'll have to act fast as the sale ends this Saturday.

Source: Pebble

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Strap a new Pebble smartwatch to your wrist for only $89


So my story, I went there to get this one as I gave my OG Pebble to my father and he is loving it.

Then I decided what the hell and went for the Pebble Steel matt Black.

Using a Q10 so why not. I had the Gear 2 Neo with my Galaxy S4 Mini but have gone back to a Q10 so I'm back on Black anyway. ;)

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