You could see if a stadium's restrooms are occupied with new technology

By John Callaham on 1 Jul 2014 11:41 am

If a new technology is used in combination with a mobile app, people in large public venues like stadiums and arenas could know if their bathroom stall is crowded or if there are some stalls available.

Tooshlights is a Los Angeles startup company that has installed lights above each stall in one of the women's bathrooms at the famous Hollywood Bowl outdoor arena. The light is green when each stall is unoccupied and turns red when a person enters the stall and locks it.

Because people can now easily see which stalls are empty and which are full, the wait times for going to this one woman's bathroom have been cut down, although specific stats were not revealed.

If this trial is successful, Tooshlights sees this technology expanding to other venues. Perhaps the most interesting concept is linking these bathroom stall lights to a venue's mobile app. In theory, users can check to see which bathrooms are full and which have stalls open from the comfort of their seat, before they decide to wall to the bathroom.

What do you think about this idea for a connected bathroom and do you think we will see this concept show up in major public arenas in the near future?

Source: Forbes

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You could see if a stadium's restrooms are occupied with new technology


I wouldn't exactly call this "new technology".

The parking structure at our airport has the same over every parking space.

Kinda kills those scenes where the bad guy has to kick down all the stall doors to find his intended victim. Now all he has to do is find the red light... not very dramatic.