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You'll never run out of propane again thanks to Refuel

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jul 2014 12:04 pm

One of the biggest issues I run into over the summer is running out of propane in my gas grill. We grill almost daily, and while I try to always have a spare tank handy, sometimes I forget to get the spare filled up. Thanks to a new product from Quirky, my tank woes are over.

Refuel is a simple accessory that sits under your propane tank and talks to your smartphone. It lets you know how full your tank is so you'll always ensure there is enough gas left to get you through your next meal. You an also tap right on the magnetic sensor and it lights up with your current level.

Setup is easy too — just sit your tank on the Refuel sensor, fire up the Wink app and you're ready to roll. You can view your tank from anywhere in the world.

Refuel is available from Quirky, but it's actually cheaper to buy online or in store from Home Depot.

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You'll never run out of propane again thanks to Refuel


Does anyone know how much this can handle moisture? Last thing I'd want is to have to take this off every time I finish cooking. Grill cover or not, with as much rain as we get in South Florida in the summer this thing will get wet.

I plan on taking one for the team. Going to pick up one tonight and test it out. I'll be leaving it out full-time (under the cover) and see what happens. Review forthcoming ..

Thanks Adam. Really interesting product. Also, checked Home Depot Canada and they don't list it. I'll stop by and see in the store tomorrow.

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I got it up and running, though not as easily as I had hoped. Had to make a call to tech support but I do have to say they were amazing at getting me started up — and their support lines run 24hrs which is great if you have issues at 2am.

The Refuel is listed as waterproof and seems pretty solid overall, but I'll definitely drop a review in a week or two after I play with it a bit.

I broke down and bought this. Managed to get it set up on the second try without tech support. Seems pretty water tight.

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Might be helpful to mention what issues you guys had and how you solved them for others. I, for one, am interested in this.