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Is your home a connected home?

Nexia Camera
By Adam Zeis on 2 Jul 2014 12:47 pm

Nexia, Nest, U-Verse, FiOS, Vivint, SmartThings — the list of home automation devices is extensive. There are a ton of services and devices available for monitoring and/or controlling your home from afar — some better than others — but most having very similar features. Each one has its own benefits for various users, but in the end the same goal is achieved — to be able to monitoring or automate your home when you're not actually at home.

I've been a Nexia user for a few years now, and I can't image not having a connected home. I have all kinds of sensors, switches, locks and a thermostat at the ready, all of which I can control no matter where I am in the world. For me, much of it is automation. Being able to get an alert when someone is in my driveway, or have a text message sent to me when my son gets home after school. There are also security benefits too, sensors and cameras letting me know who's at my house when I'm not around.

I've recently added a Nest Protect to my system as well, something that was long overdue. Now I not only have a great smoke / carbon monoxide detector, but I can monitor it when I'm away and I'll get an alert right on my phone should anything ever happen.

Nest Protect

As I said before, there are a load of various systems and services out there for the taking, it's all a matter of preference, convenience and you ultimate needs. Most basic services provide things like motion sensors and cameras, some tie into an alarm company or let you monitor things from your TV. As we move further into the connected future, we'll see even more and more devices become available for less and less, making a connected home a reality for more people who may never have considered it before.

I'm a big fan of having a connected home — and I'll only keep adding to it as the years go by. But we're curious to know just how many of you have connected homes, and if you do what features are important to you? Hit up the comments and give us the details (what system, what devices) and help spread the connected home love!

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Is your home a connected home?


bought nest protect for $99 and going to buy more. love the way it "lights" the path at night and is configurable if you don't like those features. have an old house with no AC so no nest thermostat yet but it would be a great combo since they can talk to one another.

I am using (2)Dropcams, (2) Honeywell Wifi Thermostats and (2) Yale deadbolt locks , with a Zwave controller.
Everything accessible from anywhere in the world. Notifications text-ed to my phone for what I want. Nice system.

i currently have a ZWAVE thermostat and 2 light switches in our current home controlled by our alarm panel

i've been collecting ZWAVE Locks, wall switches and other equipment (like Kroner and SOAP WiFi router) to go into our new home when we move later in the year..
its pretty expensive...

Have a Z-wave alarm panel, just set up my new MiCasaVerde VeraLite and several Z-wave devices, which ties into my amazing Sonos speakers. What I need is an in-wall Android tablet to control it all and some way to control it with my Pebble, although with IFTTT options, I may need to consider an Android Wear device, if they connect...

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