The Magnetic charging adapter on Apple Macbook computers is one of the most innovative features Apple has brought us. Many of us have desired for such a feature on our smart phones, and finally someone has.

ZNAPS is a tiny little plug that connects into your phone's charging dock, than an adapter snaps onto your Micro-USB or Lightning charge cable. Together they create the seamless Yank-Free magnetic cable charging solutions we've enjoyed on our Macbook computers. ZNAPS is currently taking pledges on KickStarter and has already surpassed it's pledge goal showing the true desire for this type of product. With a $9 pledge you can secure your ZNAPS phone and cable adapters and add the magnetic cable solution to your mobile device. One of the nicest features of ZNAPS is it's minimalist design which will work with virtually any device or case.

Check out the ZNAPS Kickstarter Page