ZTE unveils their first smart watch dubbed 'BlueWatch' at #CESlive | Connectedly

ZTE unveils their first smart watch dubbed 'BlueWatch' at #CESlive

By Bla1ze on 8 Jan 2014 03:14 pm

As was rumored for a while now and confirmed via an early press release, ZTE has unveiled their first smartwatch dubbed BlueWatch at CES. The BlueWatch is be a combination of watch and fitness tracker that features "on-wrist control" as well as a pedometer and other "quantified self" information such as body fat percentage. The design itself, looks very similar to that of the Pebble right down to the white e-paper display but there are plenty of differences as well to appeal to customers.

Speaking of customers and when ZTE is looking to sell the BlueWatch, they've noted availability in the first quarter but only in China for now as other countries specifics are not ready to be discussed. Additionally, ZTE has not offered up an pricing for the device either so we'll have to just take what we can get from CES and wait and see how far ZTE goes with their BlueWatch.

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ZTE unveils their first smart watch dubbed 'BlueWatch' at #CESlive

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Wow, that looks a whole lot like the pebble. Kind of like a cheap knock off pebble, actually. But I really like the idea of the fitness tracking built in...makes it so you only have to wear one device.